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No matter the time of year, a healthy glow is top of the beauty routine list for so many of us. For me, it is the ultimate beauty quick fix. We have come SUCH a long way from the orange tones sported by David Dickinson, and there is a different type of tan for every skin type, desired depth of colour, and maintenance level.

When first looking for a self tanner, make sure you take a good look at the depth of shade the tan will achieve, most tans come in a light/medium/dark shade, but there are also gradual tanners which apply like a moisturiser and add a hint of colour, and express tans which are much higher in DHA (the tanning ingredient), and are only left on for a couple of hours or so before being rinsed off to reveal the tan underneath.

We stock MoroccanTan which comes in different shades and we can answer any tanning questions you have! Tans come in so many different forms and it really is down to personal preference, I tend to opt for a mousse most of the time as it glides on easily, and a self tanning oil in the winter when my skin is dryer.

TIP ONE - start with the shower

Most seasoned tanners have some kind of tanning routine. And whether you are a tan pro or a keen beginner, your routine should always begin with exfoliation. We recommend a Tan Eraser mitt (£6), which removes all trace of old tan and thoroughly exfoliates, leaving the perfect canvas to apply your product onto. We love these mitts, as they do not create any barrier on the skin which a normal scrub or soap might leave behind affecting the tanning result. Shaving should also be done preferably the day before and waxing 2 days at least, as shaving can leave the pores open which can lead to blotches!

TIP TWO - post shower prep

Your skin should be completely clean, any perfume or deodorant will make the tan go green in these areas. It won’t stay green, but it also won’t give the best results. Also refrain from using these directly after you tan as this will cause patches, perfume will stop the tan from developing and you will have tell-tale unevenness.

Pop some water-based moisturiser on to dry areas just before you tan (we recommend moroccantan butter - £10). Elbows, knees and ankles are the usual areas to pay attention to.

TIP THREE - let’s tan!

You can apply tan with gloves or a mitt, but I always find a mitt gives the best results. Never apply tan with bare hands or your palms will let people know you have fake tanned! Liberally apply then tan to your legs and then the rest of your body, using whatever is left over on the mitt to do your feet, backs of your hands and face (less is more when it comes to the face!). Always use a mirror to check for streaks, darker patches are fine as they will even out as you rinse the tan off, it’s bits you’ve missed that we are keeping an eye out for.

TIP FOUR - time to develop

Pop on something loose to wear and avoid anything too hot/sweaty for optimum tan development. Most fake tanners contain a bronzer (called a guide colour), so you can see where the tan is being applied and you have a clue about the colour. As your tan develops, you will see this bronzer on your skin as well as the deepening tan. So do not panic if you feel as if you’re going too dark! When you rinse off the guide colour, you will just be left with the developed tan underneath. Follow the guide and leave it on for the time directed, and rinse off in the shower.

TIP FIVE - rinse and maintain!

When your tan has fully developed, rinse this off in the shower. Avoid any harsh soaps or scrubs at this point, and pat dry with a soft towel. Leave shaving for a couple of days, and also shower rather than bath as a hot bath will soak off your tan.

The following day and daily after that, moisturiser is your tan’s best friend. It will help to avoid dry patches and scaling, and keep your tan going for as long as possible. Every couple of days lightly exfoliate with your Tan Eraser to keep the fading even without patches.

A great way to keep your tan topped up is using a gradual tanner as your moisturiser, which will keep adding a hint of tan and extend the life of your tan for as long as possible!

Got any questions? Fill in the contact form on our website, or DM us on Instagram @beautyhousebristol

Jasmin xx


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